Psssttthhfff (sound of air leaving balloon) pursues the subject of utopianism and felt failures. The form of the silver balloon Icreated references a lunar lander. The balloon is made of silver Mylar and filled with helium.   The balloon it self presents a pathetic ness to it as it tries to mimic such an angular, highly scientific structure. When fully inflated the piece's centre of gravity is skewed: instead of cooperating to its design, the form flops sideways and the mechanical legs become anthropomorphic. The highly sophisticated form of the lunar lander begins to reference a cow or some other docile creature. Psssttthhfff is fabricated by hand with basic tools such as scissors, tape, and a hot iron. The seams and joints slowly leak air, crinkling and reforming the material. Inevitably the piece slowly surrenders to the ground, lying listless as a reflective puddle.