The collaborative project installed at Ontario Place for Winter Light (2019). The work consists of an assemblage of illuminated channeling laid into the ground, imitating the crystallization patterns found in the formation of ice. The project explores the continually evolving patterns found within the freezing cycle while also mimicking the organic designs found within the built urban landscape.  As one can witness as they flight over any city by night, the urban landscape like crystallized water builds on the seed of earlier forms, be they streams, pathways, railways or the transit system. 

The channeling in this work houses LED strips encased in epoxy and is installed flush to the surface grade. Among other variations, the illuminated patterning of the LED strips range from a gradual brightening that emerges from centre and migrates outward to a more immediate and abrupt snapping effect that reflects the flash freeze.

The entire work is made up of 25-30 individual light units approximately 50-60cm in length. These independent components tie together to create a collective crystallized pattern that is configured on site to respond to the unique typography of the location.